If you are anything like us, you've tried the workshop approach, the spiritual practice approach, the nutrition and supplement approach and a long list of remedies that claim to help us deal with the pain, confusion and challenges that confront us. 

We call this search, seeking the magic wand. We want to promise you that we are not offering a magic wand, we are simply offering a map and compass, along with some advice of traversing the hero's journey of wholeness and re-connection. 

In addition, we wish to aid in helping the seekers to find companions. The old tales rarely make the hero journey alone, we need mentors, and sidekicks. 

We have a workshop for different depths of work for your group or individual needs. We can take you through the steps of wholeness and reconnection, to find that epiphany bridge for an individual, for a family, or for a culture. You will have a template - a map and compass to delve further into the work at the end of the workshop, and continuing community as we mutually explore our journeys  together. It doesn't make sense to us to partake in a powerful journey of reconnection with companions, and then not have a continuing relationship with each other. That's why we are providing a place on this website for continuing discussion for all of our workshop participants.